Also known as: Uvean; Wallisian

The people of Uvea, also known as Wallis Island.

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Traditional Culture(1831)Expand All +
Belief +

Supernatural Beings

Deified ancestor(s) Present, and the principal focus of supernatural practice (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 84-85, 88

Supernatural Punishment

Supernatural punishment for impiety Present (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 87

Afterlife and Creation

Myth of humanity’s creation Present, and evolutionary (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 162
Primordial pair Absent (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 84-91, 161-162

General Features

Forces of nature are controlled by or imbued with the supernatural Present (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 85

Classes of Tapu

Social hierarchy tapu Present (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 86
Kinship tapu Present (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 62


Mana as a spiritual or religious concept Absent (Source)
Blust (2007)
Mana as a personal quality Absent (Source)
Blust (2007), pp. 420
Mana related to social influence or technical skill Absent (Source)
Practice +

General Supernatural Practices

Headhunting Absent (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 79-91
Largest religious community Whole society or larger (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 85, 89
Political and religious differentiation Some overlap (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 84-91
Social Environment +
Population 3000 (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 15
Population of largest political community 1,000-9,999 (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 76
Importance of Patrilateral descent High (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 64
Importance of Matrilateral descent Medium (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 64
Marital residence Patrilocal or virilocal - with husband's kin (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 63
Isolation +
Distance to closest landmass inhabited by a different culture (km) 2221.0 (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 8
Daft Logic Distance Calculator (2014)
Distance to nearest continent 3483.0 (Source)
Daft Logic Distance Calculator (2014)
Pre-Austronesian population Absent: No evidence of human occupation prior to Austronesian settlement (Source)
Bellwood (1995), pp. 109
Hindu / Buddhist influence on supernatural belief No evidence of influence and not in region of known contact (Source)
Cribb (2000), pp. Map 2.21
Islamic influence on supernatural belief No evidence of influence and not in region of known contact (Source)
Cribb (2000), pp. Map 2.23
Physical Environment +

Geographical Range of Culture

Number of islands inhabited by culture One (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 8-10

Features of Island with Largest Culture Population

Island type (island with largest culture population or largest island if unknown) Volcanic high island (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 8
Island Size (km²) 59.6 (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 8
Maximum elevation (meters) 150.0 (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 8


Latitude -13.3 (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 8
Google Maps (2014)
Longitude -176.2 (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 8
Google Maps (2014)
Post Contact History(?)Expand All +
Religious History +


Use of force in conversion Low (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 3-4
Adoption of a world religion Present and predominant (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 4
Resident missionary involvement in conversion process Present, and from non-Austronesian societies (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 3-4
Secular History +

Loss of Autonomy

Nature of loss of autonomy Largely voluntary (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 3-4
Loss of political autonoomy High (Source)
Burrows (1937), pp. 4
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